FUN Activities for Kids about Urban Trees

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The Arbor Rangers is a cartoon of a team of kids who love and want to protect the trees in their urban environment. The stories and activities centered around this team were developed to provide fun and interesting incentives for children (elementary through middle school) to learn about the importance and benefits of trees in our communities. The hope is that by introducing the study of trees early in life, children will retain a fundamental appreciation for these magnificent plants, and perhaps consider pursuing further studies and environmental activities as they reach high school and beyond. Who knows? Maybe they will become foresters, arborists, or really good tree advocates as young adults or contribute in some way to making a positive influence in the care and preservation of our vital urban forests. Our ongoing goal is to provide children with exciting educational materials, contests, games, puzzles, etc. and we encourage parents and teachers to get involved, too.

Trees truly are terrific and provide us many, many benefits, such as beauty, shade, energy savings, stress relief, oxygen, and so forth, just to name a few.

Keep checking back on our website for future installments of lesson plans and activities. To learn more about the Arbor Rangers, please  join the Arbor Ranger Fan Club and visit (and “Like”) the Arbor Rangers Facebook page!

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The Importance of Trees!

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